Generally this is going quite well, I mean, I have my up days and down days, days when I’m totally motivated and days that I just want to sit and pig out; but the fact that I know that I am currently doing the most exercise I have ever done – means I don’t have to harsh on myself for having a bad day once in a while.

But to keep me motivated – to at least some extent – I currently have two goals in mind for my exercising and eating healthily. One is my (swiftly) up-coming holiday, I want to feel good about myself to be able to step out in dresses or a bikini; and the second is I want a healthy heart, to know that I am doing a little something to keep my body working as it should.

I have been going out for a (just under) 2 mile run most days of the week and recently had the best run of my life – with getting to 1.2 miles before I just had to slow down for a bit of a breather. Go me!

I’ve also been doing my yoga before I go for my runs, still the yoga for dummies dvd but it’s better than nothing; and I have been aiming to eat healthier too.

I’ve been combining the 5:2 diet, the juicing diet and calorie counting into my food routine and I have also been keeping a food diary so I can actually see what it is I’m eating. It’s good as it forces me to think about what I am putting into my body and whether I want to see it written down, if I don’t – I probably shouldn’t be eating it.

So the way that I am combining the diets is as follows:

  • I have a juicing day twice a week, but only for breakfast and lunch, I have a proper meal at dinner time and aim to have no more than 1000 calories on these days.
  • The rest of the week I can have no more than 1500 calories a day.
  • I write down everything that I eat, however I don’t count fruit and veg in my calorie counting,  I can have as much fruit and veg as I like, but I generally stick to the 5 portions a day rule anyway.

I give myself a limit of how many calories I can have but I must admit, I don’t really get up to these limits. I almost did one day last week on a particularly bad day, but generally, sticking to a max of 1500 calories isn’t too difficult. You can get some really fulfilling and healthy meals for a whole day well within 1500 calories.

So that is my progress so far. I have done way better than I thought I ever would, with running most days and being careful of what I eat; usually by now, I would have given up ages ago.

I think that by making these easy changes to my routine and eating habits, I am finding it easier to deal with than a proper diet. Hopefully it will all become habit and integrate itself into my daily life so my future self will be a healthy one.

That said, there’ll always be room for cake..!


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