More than a week has passed since my fun, but mostly unsuccessful, expedition to Westfield and I have only just found the time to show you my one triumphant purchase from the day.

As you may remember, I went on a shopping trip with my husband – as a birthday treat – to Westfield Shepherd’s Bush last weekend – to find me some new clothes!

It was going well and I found some nice bits, but I didn’t try most of it on (it was busy and there was queues..no excuse I know) and bought things assuming they would fit.

As you can guess, when I got home and tried it all on, the majority of stuff did not fit too well… so I now have to take them back – and waste more time than it would have to just try the stuff on in the first place.

I still haven’t got around to that yet either..

Anyway, here is my one good purchase! It’s from Topshop and can be found here. What do you think? I’m saving it for my up-coming holiday – I cannot hear, read or say that word without Madonna popping into my head “Holida-ay”! So excited!


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