I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately about beauty products which are meant to be good for controlling oily skin, and – as a girl who really does have issues with oily skin – I wanted to add in my two pennies worth.

For years – YEARS – I have been trying to find a product with which to cure my greasy skin problems but to no avail. Foundations, primers, scrubs, washes, lotions, blotting papers, powders, creams, serums, masks and even pills have not helped over the years.

All the products that say they keep your skin looking fresh and oil free for up to..however many hours..have not done a thing on my skin. For me it’s always been a painstaking experience of spending ages putting my make-up on, only to have it last a whole ten minutes before it starts melting off my face. Doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, I can tell you.

It really has always been a big issue for me. Until…

…until I discovered an inexpensive DIY mixture that really works for me! And I will gladly share it with you now to hopefully save others from the same problem.

Cornflower and talc powder. Yep, that’s it.

Grab yourself a little pot and mix together equal amounts of cornflower and talc powder. Do your make up as you would normally and just finish off with a dusting of the powder mix over the top.

For most people, this will make their make-up last all day. I now only have to touch-up my make-up once sometimes twice a day, which is such a relief.

It’s no longer an issue that’s on my mind all of the time, I’m not always trying to hide my face from people anymore, and it’s all thanks to these very cheap everyday products that you can easily buy whilst doing your weekly shop.

I don’t know anyone else who has this problem to the extent that I do, but if you find that the apparent ‘miracle make-up for oily skin’ doesn’t work for you, then give this a go and see if it does the job.


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