Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting for a couple of days – but completely not my fault!

The first day I couldn’t actually get onto my blog to post, I have no idea why, Safari couldn’t find it – surely it was in the same place as always?!; and then yesterday I was in London till late so I wasn’t at my Mac to be able to post. So, sorry, but I am here now!

Yesterday was quite an unexpected day of greatness. My husband managed to win a pair of tickets (on Twitter) to the BAFTA Game Awards – Inside Games pre-event, which was being held in London, so we both had to rush and hope that our bosses would let us have the next day off at such late notice.

They did, so off we went to Wapping to meet some people by a pirate ship to get some tickets that he’d won on Twitter. I admit, I had my doubts as to whether this was true..

We struck luck with the whole day though. The sun was shining, the event – the place – the pirate ship – the people – the tickets, were all real!


OMG a pirate ship in the middle of London!
It’s in the background, I promise.


Pass to get around the BAFTAs Inside Games Event


Me next to a BAFTA head


The underground venue (an amazing labyrinth of a place – beautiful) was filled with TVs and people playing new and current games.


Metal Gear Solid Community! A group shot of us (the winning ticket holders), the MGSC, Konami staff and Hideo Kojima.

Hideo Kojima

My husband and his selfie with the master himself, Hideo Kojima! You can just see the pure excitement on his face (Dan’s that is, obviously).


Headed to Cinnamon street – A lovely tiny cafe that we found on…you guessed it, Cinnamon Street – for a break form the crowds. As you can tell, the sun shining so much that I struggled to see : )


Setting up the red carpet!


A lovely sunset through the pirate ships.


All the press lined up waiting for the start to come.


Us at the red carpet bit – Hideo Kojima in the background.

Other ‘stars’ that we spotted on the red carpet included Carol Vorderman, Michael Underwood, Jodie Kidd, Chris Ramsey and Jenny Faulkner. We didn’t spot Dara O’Briain, the host of the event. Also during the day we saw Max and OB from oldskool Hollyoaks!! Didn’t realise until later that it was them so didn’t get a picture : (

But we had a great spontaneous day with thanks to the people of Konami!!


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