I hate to waste fruit and veg, which is one of the big reasons why I have to add extra stuff into anything that I am making. If I’m following a recipe I will add extra stuff that’s not on the list. Sometimes it works, sometimes…not so much. But that is how great discoveries are made, right?

Waste not, want not. So if I have food in my cupboards or fridge that I know are on the verge of no-return, I always have to try and do something with them. Anything. Too much veg? Chop it all up, make a stew and freeze it. Eggs time nearly up? Make a cake or an omelette just to use them up. We may not be in need of any of these things at the time – but dammit I’ll not let food go off in this house without a fight!

I currently have soup, stew, rhubarb, icing, meatballs, mince pies – all things that were on their way out, now safe for when I want them – in my freezer.

This leads me on to the super easy banana ice cream.

Do you have some bananas that are starting to get those brown patches on the skin? Have they been waiting a little bit too long for you to eat them? Don’t throw them away!!

I have the answer! And the answer is…freeze them.

Super Easy Banana Ice Cream – Dairy Free




  • Peel off the skin, break them up into chunks and put them in a freezer bag or container and close them right in the freezer there.
  • When the moment strikes you for some ice cream, take out your frozen bananas put them in a blender or food processor (I think a processor works best for this), and just whizz them up until they’re creamy like ice cream.
  •  Serve immediately.

As you can see from my photo it looks exactly like normal ice cream and I can tell you that the texture is too – just like banana ice cream, but without the guilt. What could be better?

I can answer that one for you too. I may have added some white chocolate buttons to mine..which did make it extra delicious – but not so good for me or dairy free.

Have it plain or get creative and add peanut butter, honey or even cereal to yours. What would you add?


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