I dread to think how many days of my life I have wasted by having to return clothes to shops because I didn’t try them on at the time of buying.

I recently wrote a piece too about the importance of trying of clothes on before you buy them. Did I listen to my own advice? Not fully.

Yesterday I went on a shopping trip to Westfield Shepherd’s Bush and bought some lovely pieces (photograph and post to follow later this week) which, mostly, fit really well.

I tried on most of the items, making sure they fit properly, suited me and I felt confident whilst wearing them; but as the shops got busier and time went on, I could no longer be arsed to queue up and try stuff on.

Instead, I stood in front of a mirror in the shop holding the bits up in front of me and judging this way – assuming my size and the clothes size would match.

Once I was home – exhausted and far away from the shops – I tried on my new purchases. Ah.

XS. Who was I kidding?!

Now I have to try and get back to the shops to exchange the clothes for the right sizes: wasting more time and money than I would have done if I’d have just joined the queue for the changing rooms.

Lesson learnt? Probably not.


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