It’s the second week of my 100 Happy Days Challenge.

Here’s the rundown of what has been making my days this week:

1. Saturday – A ‘The Weekend is Here’ breakfast of poached eggs on seeded bread toast.

2. Sunday – Spending some girlie time with ma homie before she left for a week for sunny Cuba. I was not jealous at all. At. All.

3. Monday – Pancake Day! We had it on Monday as we knew we were out on Tuesday and didn’t want to miss out. I even took a turn at flipping the pancakes! (My husband really likes this job)

4. Tuesday – So the pub quiz thing has become somewhat of a regular for our Tuesday nights. And this was us getting ready for the quiz to start – feeling positive we were going to win. We didn’t.

5. Wednesday – MY BIRTHDAY! Aren’t I a lucky girl having my family drive a 120 mile round-trip, on a school night, just to see me on my birthday. Love you all!

6. Thursday – Coming home to find my new Vogue had arrived.

7. Friday – I’d had the afternoon from work off and to myself, and was glad to have my husband home from work for our Friday night to begin.


3 thoughts on “100 Happy Days Challenge – Days 8 – 14

  1. I need to do 100-days of happy.. desperately. Are you finding some challenges? I have some with my work life… it makes it quite difficult to keep my mindset. Love some advise.

    • That’s exactly how I felt, I wanted to make sure that I could find the good – no matter how small – in my everyday life. It’s another form of that ‘list what you’re grateful for before you go to bed’ but doing it this way, you can keep a little album for yourself as a pick-me-up when times may be a little tough. Making sure that you’re taking photos of the moments and things that make you smile – will make your brain hold onto that feeling at least until you’ve finished with taking and sorting the photo. Eventually you’ll be going through your photos from the day and trying to pick out the best moment to highlight. Not saying it’s a cure for all the bad stuff in our lives but just taking a few minutes everyday to find a little piece of happiness is no bad thing. Think you’re going to give it a go? x

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