As you can see from the above image, I have a few books to get through.

The problem I have is… I think I may have gone off of reading again..

You can’t say that you’re surprised.  I mean, this is what my blog is about, my current fancies. I start things, get bored and move on.

But I really enjoyed reading whilst I was doing it, so I do want to start again.

Since finishing ‘Not Without You‘ the week before, I was meant to be choosing one from my pile of next-reads. I got as far as asking for help on Twitter as to what I should read, but didn’t then follow through and start a new one.

Therefore I am appealing to you lovely people and asking again for help to pick one from the pile to dive into.

Here are the options, starting from the top of the pile down:

The Graduate – Charles Webb

My Best Friend’s Girl – Dorothy Koomson

They Gargoyle – Andrew Davidson

Below Stairs – Margaret Powell

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Austen and Grahame-Smith

The Return of Captain John Emmet – Elizabeth Speller

The Misbegotten – Katherine Webb

From Notting Hill with Love… Actually – Ali McNamara

Past Imperfect – Julian Fellows

The Elements of Eloquence – Mark Forsyth

Jubilee – Shelly Harris

A Tiny Bit Marvellous – Dawn French

The Book of Tomorrow – Cecelia Ahern

The Bellwether Rivals – Benjamin Wood

Bridget Jones, Mad About the Boy – Helen Fielding

The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith

As I’m writing this list, I’ve remembered a whole lot of other books too (forgot about another shelf…oh, and all the ones on my Kindle) that need to be added to the list, but that’s for another day.

Please do let me know what you think I should try next and I will begin it TONIGHT! I promise. Also tell me if any of these are your favourites or maybe even ones to avoid if you so think.


7 thoughts on “Too many books

  1. From Notting Hill with Love… Actually – Ali McNamara & Bridget Jones, Mad About the Boy – Helen Fielding have been on my list. Love to hear what you think after you finish them.

    • Notting Hill and Love Actually are 2 of my fave films, so I should have started with that one really, I’ve just started The Cuckoo’s Calling so hopefully I’ll be able to get stuck into that and start one of those soon. You reading much at the mo?

      • That’s great! Loved the films too. I get disappointed when the movie trumps the book or vice versa… But you never know until you open the book and start reading what the outcome will be. I’ve just finished some books I’m thinking if what’s next. Always open to suggestions.

  2. I am exactly the same; I have a huge pile of books.. read a few then get bored. It’s currently taken me ages to read my current book! AH!! I noticed the Zombies book first on your list so I’d say go for that, and it sounds different! Mad about the boy is great!! x

    • What you trying to get through at the mo? Takes me ages too, never been a quick reader. I’ve just started The Cuckoo’s Calling. Although I fear that starting with the chunkiest book may not be the best idea..good so far tho. Hopefully it won’t take too long and I can get into a rhythm of reading book after book..it may happen ; ) x

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