In our everyday lives it’s easy to forget to be grateful for what we have around us. And I know that I am guilty of this. Getting lost in the monotony of  – wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed, wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed etc etc. After a while everything becomes routine and part of the furniture.

This means that soon enough you get the feeling of, ‘I never do anything; everything is crap; my life has no meaning’ – again etc etc. And who wants to live like that?!

Your life is what YOU make of it. And if you feel any of those feelings then it is up to YOU to make the necessary changes or to learn to be grateful for what you DO HAVE in your life.

That is why I have taken up the 100 Happy Days Challenge!

Everyday for 100 days you have to take a photo of something you are grateful for. No matter how big or small, something that makes you feel happy or comforted, something you’ve been looking forward to or a nice surprise,  something as simple as a beautiful view – a well-deserved cup of tea, or something as out-there as meeting your life-long hero.

I’ve been doing it for seven days now and have decided that I will post up, once a week, the photos from my previous seven days.

Day 1. Saturday. Enjoying a free breakfast courtesy of John Lewis’. And very good it was too.

Day 2. Sunday. Having a catch up with some lovely people.

Day 3. Monday. Having a few last minutes with my husband before walking out of the door for a day of work.

Day 4. Tuesday. Getting a warm welcome home from my rabbit after a night at the quiz.

Day 5. Wednesday. Celebrating my brother-in-law’s birthday with all the family.

Day 6. Thursday. A clean flat, but most importantly, clean bed sheets. The best.

Day 7. Friday. 2 Film Friday with my husband. A nice relax after a hard week at work.

I have found myself taking photos of everything good that happens in a day (and having to whittle these down to pick just one!) and at times when I can’t take photos, I notice more good things and think ‘That would have been a good one for my Happy 100’, (that’s what I’ve taken to calling it).

I think this challenge will have a positive chain reaction in teaching me to enjoy the little things in life – to look for them – and will help me to make the most and see the good in difficult situations. You know, in theory…

So! Who else is up for the challenge? Maybe you’re doing it already, let me know where your pictures are, I’d love to take a look.


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