It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see…

You can take that however it speaks to you. For me, it means I could be looking at something as simple and everyday as a daisy; and if that’s all I see it as – simple and an everyday object – I’m not understanding  the beauty and the wonder of this creation.

And isn’t that a big part of what life is about? Enjoying and appreciating the different aspects of all that we come across? After all, if we can’t appreciate the little things, how can we make the most of the big things in life?

But, I digress. I wasn’t actually planning on talking about the meaning of life, but hey ho, shit happens.

I wanted to talk about finding inspiration in the places we don’t count on and viewing things in a new way.

A couple/few months ago now, my brother-in-law had to go and visit certain museums for his college work and so my husband and I took him to London. We went to the Tate Modern, The National Art Gallery and The Natural History Museum, to name but  a few, but we also went to the London Transport Museum.

Inside they had an exhibition running “Poster Art 150 – London Underground’s Greatest Designs” which was terrific. It was a display of the greatest London Underground posters from the past 100 years. I found quite a few that I really liked and I know my brother-in-law found the exhibition inspiring for his work too.

I came across a poster (the one in the feature picture) by Andre Edouard Marty and for some reason it really spoke to me. Maybe because I was seeing what the two figures in the image were seeing, but I could picture myself stood in a field with old air-crafts flying above me – I could hear the deafening sounds from the many planes and feel the sensation of what it would be like to see a view like that.

I was taken in by those little planes on the poster and couldn’t stop thinking about them for the rest of the day. Then it hit me, ‘they would look great on a t-shirt!’

So I bought myself a plain white vest top and a fabric pen and drew. I was really happy with how it turned out too (also in the featured image).

But it hasn’t stopped there. I want planes on everything!

I went on to buy a sheer scarf and drew them onto this (not so easy and took FOREVER, it’s a big scarf). I now have plans for cushion covers too and whatever else I fancy.

My round-a-bout point that I was trying to make: you can find inspiration anywhere if you just open your eyes and see the possibilities!


2 thoughts on “It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see…

  1. I absolutely love this post, inspiration is everywhere we look but that’s only if we really look. I also felt the same when I looked at the poster. You have some crazy talent, the planes you’ve drawn look excellent.

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