I’m going on holiday in almost a month.

For the past three months I have been saying that I am going to start getting in shape, ready for said holiday.

I have not done a thing.

Actually that’s a lie. I did a 5lbs in 5 days juice diet a few weeks ago – but that made me rebel with food even more as soon as I’d finished it.

As I’ve mentioned before, my relationship with food is a tricky one. I love food. I absolutely love food. I’m not one of these that when they’ve had a taste of nice food, that’s enough. No, I must continue until it’s gone from my sight – and by gone from my sight, I mean in my belly. Not in a drawer or away in a cupboard, I know it’s there.

(And I get grumpy if I have smaller portions…Yeah. I know)

Having said that, I am much better in the summer months. I like salads when the sun’s out; but when it’s not, I like comforting, sugary, bad for you foods. And boy hasn’t this winter been a long one. Bad foods galore!

In way of exercise, I’ve been doing a ‘Yoga for Dummies’ dvd a few times a week, which let’s face it, isn’t exactly taxing on the cardiovascular front and combined with my food intake – hasn’t made the least bit of difference on my waistline.

But today – TODAY – that changes.

The sun is out-ish and it’s starting to get warmer-ish, so this should be all the motivation I need to propel me forward and get me in shape…

As soon as I have finished this blog, I will be off to do my yoga dvd – wait for it – and then when my husband gets home from work, we will be going out for a run together! …Less than two miles so don’t get too over excited there.

And we are planning on doing this as much as we can before our holiday.

I’ll also be looking at healthier meals for us too, however this will be tricky with my husbands reluctance to eat anything other than pizza (going to be giving the cauliflower pizza another go next week I think, don’t tell him I’ve said that..).

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, but if I don’t post about it – expect the worst, I’ve probably given up already.

Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Motivation for my own well-being

    • Thanks for the support!! Day 1 has gone well so far, did the yoga and the run, then walked up the pub (ate a very-bad-for-me pub dinner whilst quizzing) then walked home again. So hopefully I’ll be able to keep the running up at least in the weeks up to my oh-so-needed time off. You got any plans for holidays this year?

      • No plans yet. Hang in there… it’s a process you just have to get yourself into. I think starting to realize the good and bad choices is very important and makes you realize a lot of things about yourself and what you need to do to get where you want to be.

  1. Good luck. You’re very lucky that you have your husband for support (and a running buddy), you can spur each other on (or fail together, it’s always more fun failing with someone than by yourself.

    • Thank you! Done two runs this week, going well so far. Yes my husband is very good with that, but he’s always been fitter than me so I’m forever feeling like I’m trying to catch up. Can’t complain too much though : )

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