I was inspired to create my own blackboard wall after watching the film 500 Days of Summer.

He was an Architect and used his black painted walls to create beautiful cities with just a ruler and some chalk.

Having such a big space where you can draw whatever your heart desires, rub it all out and start again, seemed like a great idea.

However, I couldn’t convince my husband of the sheer potential that a project like this could inspire; so we compromised and took a trip to Homebase for some MDF sheets, screws and a tin of blackboard paint.

We had a wall in the living room that didn’t have a lot going on so decided this would be the spot for the art wall. After cutting the boards to the right size, painting them with a few coats and letting them dry, we are ready to get them on the wall.

I then kind of realised that I’m not particularly skilled in the art of drawing, and my husband (a graphic designer and excellent drawer) didn’t have any motivation to draw on them for me either.

So a new plan was hatched, we would put pictures up of the things that inspire us.

Now we’re talking! Ripping and sticking is something that I am highly skilled at.

We picked up travel magazines, property magazines, printed out pictures, gathered inspirational quotes – and I did actually draw a little on there too, a moon and clouds (I don’t know why either) and a city scape in homage to the original inspiration of the project.

I also wrote ‘Our Goal’ on the board, so we’ve always got it up there encouraging us along, “To be fully self-sufficient with our writing and our art, so we can live anywhere and do anything!”

Having this space that we see everyday, filled with our hopes and dreams for the future (and even some happy memories from our past), reminds us of the reasons why we get up each day for the usual slog  – and what it is that we are working towards.

Do you have an inspiration board of your own? What do you have on yours?


5 thoughts on “Visualise your goals and dreams for the future

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