This is possibly one of the most scary things you can do.

If you’ve already set yourself off down one career path and then suddenly realise that you’ve made the wrong choice, or for reasons out of your hands – that decision has been made for you; finding the right path that you should be taking, can both be difficult to find and then hard to get going down.

Getting up the courage to leave the familiar, move out of your comfort zone and to start again in a new role or even a whole new career, is not an easy task for anyone. And it’s even harder if you’re not sure you’ve made the right choice once you’ve done it. If you do find yourself in that position and you can’t make the move again so soon, try to remember that nothing is forever and something  will come along at some point to change your situation.

But let’s not get so gloomy already, we’re looking for a new exciting life here!

Up until 3 months ago my official job title was Claims Administrator (and Freelance Writer in my spare time). Today my official job title is Marketing Assistant.

Apart from my freelance jobs, I have only ever been an administrator and never thought I would get the chance to be anything else. As you may have guessed from my blog, I like to be creative, so I’ve longed to be able to put an official creative position on my CV – ever since I discovered I like being creative.

I haven’t always, you see, I didn’t find out this passion of mine until I did a creative writing course, about five years ago, and it’s just snowballed from there.

I’ve now been lucky enough to get the chance to prove my worth and be able to earn as much as I can from a professional establishment, to set me on the career path that is hopefully now the right one for me.

So how do you discover if you are on the right career path or want to know where you should be headed?

  • Pick a few jobs you think you’d rather be doing and try to volunteer or shadow someone for a day to see if you think you’d like to pursue a career in any of these fields.
  • Think about what your interests are and whether you’d like to try a job in any of these, remember though, your interests and hobbies may not be so fun if they become your full time job.
  • Ask yourself where you’d like to be in five years time, this is a tricky question but you might just discover an answer you didn’t know was there.
  • Talk to people in the field of work you think you may be interested in. Through the power of Twitter and LinkedIn, there is no reason why you can’t do this.
  • Get yourself qualified. Do evening classes and volunteer as much as possible, prove you are serious in your pursuits!
  • Also, take a look at this article for another personal story of discovering the right career.

I was inspired to write this blog today after seeing a video of my Brother-in-Law who is currently in the process of leaving the British Army, in which he has served for ten years since he left school at sixteen. It is the only working life he has known and is now setting off on his own journey to find out what he is to do next.

This is his story:


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