I sometimes find that a writer’s words are lost in the acting; and it’s not until I see them written down, and raw, that I can take them in to understand the way the writer wanted them to be seen.

“All the Best Lines” by George Tiffin, holds many of the classic quotes that we have come to know and love from the silver screen, and also many that one may have glossed over in passing and not noticed the true meaning.

This book, therefore, is perfect for me. With many films featured that I haven’t even heard of, I can read the ‘best lines’ and see them totally in my own way, then watch the ones that really spark an interest.

First stop, ‘Sorry, Wrong Number’ (1948)
“I want you to do something. I want you to get yourself out of the bed, and get over to the window and scream as loud as you can. Otherwise you only have another three minutes to live.”


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