When you wake in the morning, do you get up and dress yourself or do you get up and style yourself for the day ahead?

It’s so easy just to grab the first thing you see in your wardrobe and sling it on for ease; then spend the rest of the day not feeling your best because, too late, you didn’t really feel like wearing that mustard yellow top and those open toe shoes. Heaven knows I do that… a lot.

Unfortunately we don’t all have Cher Horowitz’ personalised styler system to get us dressed in the morning (I know, all the advances in technology – yet there’s still not a decent version of this program as featured in (the great) Clueless), or even her immense wardrobe. Carrie Bradshaw is another example of how Hollywood has screwed us over and left us with thread (and that wardrobe) envy.

So what can we do to help ourselves out with our daily attire without having to get a second mortgage to buy  new clothes?

Short term – Use the apps that the world has been graced with!

Pinterest is absolutely brilliant for finding inspiration for outfits. Set yourself up an account (it’s absolutely free) and take a look through the women’s fashion section. ‘Pin’ clothing ideas that you think will work for you and images of clothing that are similar to yours in which you like how the pieces have been styled; then you can refer to these pictures in the morning for quick outfit ideas.

Kaleidoscope fashion is another app with images of outfits for inspiration. You can’t do much with this one, but you can link it to your Pinterest or Facebook account to save the pictures you like.

Long term – Research what works for you!

This is no mean feat. This takes time, energy, will power and money to achieve the desired end result.

You will need to take everything into consideration and learn how to make the right decisions for you as a whole. There are books and sites that aim to point you in the right direction by helping you discover what’s right for your:

  • Skin tone
  • Face shape
  • Body shape
  • Personality

Doesn’t sound like too much? That was just a generalisation of a list, there’s a lot that then goes into each of those points.

How can we future proof our wardrobe?

There are a few simple pieces that should be a staple part of every woman’s wardrobe, pieces that are then dressed and, more casual items, bought around them. The staple pieces, when possible, should probably have a little more spent on them to ensure their future survival:

  • Little black dress (LBD)
  • Cashmere cardigan black and white
  • Black blazer
  • Crisp white-buttoned shirt
  • Grey turtleneck top
  • Black trousers
  • Quality blue jeans
  • Pencil skirt
  • Classic beige trench coat
  • Black pumps
  • Black leather bag
  • Pearl necklace

To be honest, a list of staple wardrobe items could probably go on and on, which kind of defeats the object. For example, a good denim shirt, black jeans, knee-high boots and so on. But you get the idea.

So without the aid of Cher’s super system to help out in the mornings, we have to then rely on ourselves to find a good outfit for the day ahead. Remember though, you’re not dressing for anyone but your own self-confidence, if you look good, you will feel good and you will own the day!


2 thoughts on “Do you style yourself?

  1. What a great piece. I actually pick out everything the night before.. I guess that qualifies as styling. I like to put thought into my tomorrow and visualize what I want to project that day. PS WHOA what a closet.

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