Posture.  Stand up straight, shoulders back, chest out, head high and engage the abdomen to begin your graceful walk in heels. It’s usually a good idea to practise this and look at yourself in the mirror to ensure your balanced in the right areas.

Heels. Start small and work your way up to the heels you want. No one was ever able to go from only ever wearing flats to putting on a pair of 4inch heels and look graceful without practising and working their way up the heel length.

Fit. Make sure the shoes fit you properly, if they are too big or too small you will not be able to walk properly in them, therefore, you will not be able to glide gracefully, oozing confidence.

Walking. Walk slowly and lightly. Remember, the higher the heel, the shorter the stride should be. Keep your legs as close together as possible and only bend the knees as much you would when wearing flats. Keep your toes pointed in front of you. Put your heel down first just before your toes (never at the same time, always the heel first) then when your weight is on the balls of your feet, shift your weight forward and start again.

Practise. This movement will only become natural once you have practised, practised and practised some more. Watch your movements in the mirror to make sure your posture is strong. Practise on different surfaces to get a good feel for your heels so you know you’ll be ready for anything.

Enjoy. Now you’re looking good, all that is left is to feel great.


3 thoughts on “How to walk in heels

  1. Some excellent advise here. I must commend you on mentioning fit; Rarely do I see heel walking advise mention this point. I feel it is one of, if not the most important aspects of heels. No matter the shoe, heels or flats, if the shoe fits poorly, things do not go well. 😉

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