I am a serial hobbyist.

By this I mean I tend to start things – different crafts and whatnot – quickly forget about them and then move on to my next project. I have a bit of a short attention span…even when talking to people, I may look enthralled and nod, apparently, in the right places, but my mind is probably elsewhere thinking about what to have for dinner later or what I’d like to do at the weekend.

So it’ll take something really quite special to keep my attention. In all aspects.

Which is why it was such a risky move when I decided to make the flowers for my wedding. Yes, make!

I’d found some gorgeous paper flowers that I really wanted for my special day, but my mum (who was putting the money towards the flowers) didn’t want to pay for something that we could so easily make ourselves.

A challenge I quickly put myself forward for, after all, how difficult could it be? I researched everything – how they were made, best materials to use, the different styles and techniques – everything. I settled on the Kusudama flower, made from pages of Jane Austin’s novel Pride and Prejudice, as this book has a special meaning to me.

I practised and perfected and then set about to making the real flowers for my bouquets in three different sizes, big, medium, small…obviously.

Every spare minute that I wasn’t doing other wedding preparations or, you know…having a life, I was making these flowers.I had my own bouquet, four bridesmaids bouquets, a table centrepiece (this was used both in the ceremony and as decoration for our top table) and the groom’s buttonhole, to make – I’d given up by this point and wasn’t going to make buttonholes for everyone. It took me five months in all.

So many times did I want to give up and just get real flowers for the day, but no, I persevered and completed my mission!

This was a true labor of love. And that was just one detail for the big day.

My dad made our table centrepieces, my great-aunty (who’s 90!!) made our wedding cake, my mum made my veil, we made the rest of the table decorations, our guest tree (like a guest book but a tree, it worked), I did my own hair and make-up with help from my best-friend and my cousin.

It was pretty much a DIY affair. Have you been married? Are you getting married? Then maybe you’ve realised too that as soon as the word ‘Wedding’ is stuck in front of anything, the price quadruples! So persevere I did, for the sake of the bank balance.

You will not know the sheer relief I felt when I had finished making that last flower – and still had time left over to get on with the next wedding task.

I’m not sure if there will be anything that will spur me on to continue, whole-heartedly, with a project quite like that again, but I do enjoy to try new things.


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