We all get itchy feet from time to time wanting to move house and to start again, a change is as good as a rest, they say. But a satisfying change doesn’t have to come from packing up your stuff and moving on. It can be remedied just as easily by freshening up your own sweet home.

Here are a few in-expensive ways of creating that ‘new-home’ feeling without the hassle and cost of actually moving home:

De-clutter.  Some find solace in throwing out old junk and some find it the hardest, most-gruelling and time-consuming job ever to be undertaken. Personally, I am a little from column A and a little from column B. It really depends on my mood as to whether I am able to tackle the mounds of stuff that I know I don’t need or use, yet am in two minds about whether I really want to get rid of any of it – just in case. But with a little perseverance and keeping your end goal in mind, you will bring a new sense of calm and organisation to your home and yourself.
Not only can a sense of peace be re-stored by de-cluttering, but money can be made too. Selling your unwanted objects through eBay, Gumtree, the free-ads or any of the many ways in which this can be done, can put that extra bit of cash into your pocket and towards the ‘freshening up your home’ fund.

Re-arrange. Changing the layout of a room inspires creativity and adventure. Play around with the order of your furniture and try swapping bits from different rooms to provide an entirely new perspective.

Decorate. Painting small areas can breathe fresh life into a room, whether it’s a chair, a table or blocks of colour strategically placed on a tired wall. By only adding small licks of paint here and there, even the tightest of budgets can welcome in the new change.

Accessorise. Buy a few brightly coloured decorative items such as wall art, candles, cushions or ornaments, which will subtly liven up any space. Or again, swap around your existing accessories. Move the red items from your bedroom to the living room, and the green items from your living room to the bedroom for a new hue in each room.  Also, adding a mirror to a hallway or living area is a great way of creating the illusion of more space in a room.

Simple changes to help make you happy in your home once again.


2 thoughts on “Little changes to fall in love with your home again

  1. Growing up we moved at least once a year, now that I’m older and have moved out and have a family of my own I catch myself getting board in one spot very long. But I hate the packing and moving even if it is only once a year. So I am always moving the furniture around and when I really want a change I will move one room to another and switch them around or get rid of a room and make it something different completely. With 4 kids we seem to never get away from having to much clutter so I am always tossing or donating stuff.

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